Center for Reproductive Medicine

Donor Egg Program

Frequently we see patients who have undergone premature menopause, survived cancer therapy, or who, because of the normal diminished reproductive efficiency associated with advancing maternal age, cannot produce eggs likely to result in a successful pregnancy. In this case, the patient could elect to use eggs from a younger woman, known or anonymous.

The egg donor would undergo an IVF cycle, and her eggs would be fertilized by the patient’s partner or a sperm donor. The resulting embryos would be transferred to the patient’s uterus for the duration of the pregnancy.

This procedure is one of the most successful ART procedures available today if the eggs of young women are used (see Our Success Rates). 

We also participate with two national commercial egg banks so that one can choose anonymous frozen donor eggs.  Speak with your CRM physician to discuss the relative merits of fresh donor eggs or frozen donor eggs.

For more information see the Donor Egg Program.