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Patient Newsletter - Fall 2010

Fall 2010
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Insurance Coverage Changes
Attain IVF Program -100 % Refund
Patient Financing Program
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Start thinking about your Insurance Plan Renewals Now
Now is the time to start looking into changes that may occur with your yearly plan renewals.  Make sure your plan has not made changes to your infertility coverages.  Read our update.
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Introducing the Center for Reproductive Medicine e-newsletter.  We will have articles relating to treatment options, finanicial information, health tips and insurance information with each new edition. Enjoy!
Insurance Coverage Update

 CRM Front Desk

Front Office
Healthpartners and Medica are making changes in their infertility coverage with employer plan yearly renewals.

What does that mean for you?  Because group insurance plans renew throughout the year, members will be affected as their own plans renew between 7/1/10 and 1/1/11.  Check with your plan administrators to determine if there are changes impacting your insurance coverage for infertility.

Medica and Healthpartners

  • Insurance plans renewing on or after July 1, 2010, will provide coverage for up to diagnosis of infertility only.
  • Infertility drugs and treatment will not be covered.
  • Self insured employer groups can design their own plans and choose the coverage they want to offer and are not included in the above changes.


  • All group insurance plans are affected by the changes. 


  • Small group insurance plans and EZ plans will be affected by the change

If you have been informed of changes to your infertility benefit, please contact us to discuss coverage and options.

Center for Reproductive Medicine Offers the
 Attain™ IVF Program with up to a 100% Refund
Thousands of people have made their dream of having a family come true through In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) treatment.  But the reality is that some people will require more than one IVF cycle to be successful.  Patients who commit to three cycles almost double their chances of having a baby.
At the Center for Reproductive Medicine, we understand that many patients do not have insurance coverage for IVF, and that financial anxiety can complicate the decision to pursue treatment. We're pleased to announce the availability of the Attain IVF Program.
The Attain IVF Program is designed to increase your opportunity to get the outcome you want (a baby) while managing the cost of IVF treatment.
Links to Program Details:
There is no risk or obligation to Find out if you Qualify- visit Attain Fertility Financing for more details.
 Financing Available for CRM Patients 
The Center for Reproductive Medicine offers payment options for our patients. 
CRM participates with most major insurance carriers. Insurance often covers services provided by the Center for Reproductive Medicine, depending on your insurance network provisions.
It is important to remember that if your insurance plan does not cover infertility treatment such as intrauterine insemination or in-vitro fertilization, then it may not pay benefits to any provider.  In this case you may need help financing your treatment.  CRM offers a service provided by Springstone Patient Financing.  For more information on convenient fertility payment plans, go to their website at Springstone Fertility Financing.
We hope you found this e-newsletter informative and helpful.  Please be sure to visit our website for more information about Center for Reproductive Medicine or to contact us. 

Dr. Bruce Campbell, Dr. Lisa Erickson, Dr. Paul Kuneck and Dr. John Malo and Staff