This 32-year-old Caucasian donor is 5’3” tall with a small build.  She has a fair complexion. She has straight brown hair and brown eyes. She is of Scandinavian and European ancestry.

Donor 615 describes herself as thoughtful, considerate of others, energetic, motivated, and smart.  She enjoys exercising, cooking, reading, cross-stitch and embroidery, line and swing dancing, traveling, hiking, biking, teaching piano lessons, and spending time with friends and family.  She plays the piano and flute and sings in a couple of choirs.

She graduated from high school with a GPA of 3.9. She was in the band, the jazz band, the choir, and the honor choir.  She was on the volleyball team and she was a cheerleader.  She was president of the student council and the president of her class from grades 7-12.  Outside of school, she was a lifeguard, taught water aerobics and swimming, and she coached a youth swim team.

She has a Bachelor’s degree in biology with a minor in piano theory and teaching.. Her GPA was 3.8.  She most enjoyed her genetics and music classes and hands-on labs in microbiology and zoology.  She worked throughout her college years, including tutoring other students in biology and music theory.  She interned at a city coroner’s office.  She also worked at a nursing home memory care unit and an on-campus fundraising center.

Donor 615 is a clinical research specialist.  She also teaches piano.

Reason to be an egg donor: She wants to be an egg donor to change somebody’s entire life.

Mental health professional impression: This gal is open and thoughtful.

Staff impression: smart, dedicated, thoughtful, kind and easy to work with.