The Center for Reproductive Medicine (CRM) has two corporations for the provision of medical services. When contacting your insurance please use the following information to verify your insurance coverage. These corporations are:

  • Center for Reproductive Medicine, P.A. (# 02-0602261) (CRM)
  • Advanced Reproductive Technologies, PA. (# 02-0602253) (ART)

Center for Reproductive Medicine (CRM)

  • Contracted provider for the following insurance
    • America’s PPO
    • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota
    • HealthPartners
    • Medica
    • Preferred One
    • United Healthcare (UHC)
  • Will submit bills to insurance
  • Requires pre-payment for services if your insurance is out-of-network
  • Requires payment in advance for services not covered by insurance or if patient does not have insurance
  • Requires payment of outstanding balances prior to proceeding with IUI and IVF cycles
  • Provides monitoring services for IUI and IVF cycles
    • Ultrasounds, office visits and labs
    • Requires prepayment for these services if IVF is not a covered benefit
      • If insurance pays in error, they will “take back” these payments. Take backs can occur well after the fact since there is no statute of limitation referring to the timeframe of take backs.

Advanced Reproductive Technologies (ART)

  • Provides In Vitro Fertilization, Oocyte Cryopreservation, Donor Egg and Andrology services
  • Bills for Male Diagnostic testing such as:
    • Semen Analysis
    • Sperm Penetration Assays
    • Sperm Cryopreservation
  • Requires payment in advance for all services that ART is not a covered provider Contracted provider for the following insurance
    • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota
    • HealthPartners
    • United Healthcare (UHC)
  • Will submit insurance claims for in network services provided
  • Will provide patients with health insurance claim forms to submit to insurance with “out of network benefits”
    • The forms required by insurance are provided for patient submission to insurance
    • Insurance pays patient directly if patient has out of network benefits for IVF
    • ART does not refund patient the difference between their prepayment and insurance reimbursement

Please note:

  • Patients with high deductible or limited coverage for services will be required to pay for services prior to visit. CRM/ART will make best efforts to determine your out of pocket based on information we receive from your insurance regarding deductibles, annual and lifetime maximums. We encourage that you are familiar with your infertility benefits.