Starting a Treatment Cycle

On day one of your menstrual period (first day of flow, not spotting), please call CRM to schedule a baseline ultrasound.  The baseline ultrasound should be done on day two or day three of your period.  The ultrasound is trans-vaginal (a wand-like transducer is inserted vaginally to look at your ovaries, uterus and endometrial lining).

Treatment Cycle Monitoring

  • Ultrasound exams of your ovaries and uterus will be done two to five times during your treatment cycle, depending on your response to medications. CRM does ultrasounds beginning at 7:30 a.m. For information on holiday/weekend hours, click here.
  • During or after each ultrasound and blood draw you will meet with a nurse to talk about your treatment plan.   Typically you will be informed of your plan at the time of the visit and will receive a phone call to let you know if there is a change in that plan.
  • All results will be reviewed the same day by your physician, who will confirm your ongoing treatment plan.
  • If you are having your lab work and ultrasounds done at a clinic that is not CRM (satellite clinic) but your care is being managed by a CRM physician, your results will need to be faxed/scanned to CRM before 11 a.m. in order to optimize timely intervention by your doctor, if needed.  Scheduling early appointments will facilitate ease of this process.