Successful infertility treatment means having a baby. Patients willing to commit to multiple IVF cycles can dramatically increase their chances of getting what they want – a baby. The reality is that many patients will need more than one IVF cycle to be successful. The cost savings of multi-cycle treatment, combined with the commitment of those who enroll has contributed to the high success rate of patients within the Fertility AccessProgram.

The Fertility Access 100% Refund program maximizes your chances of success with IVF through a multi-cycle treatment package (3 IVF cycles and UNLIMITED frozen embryo transfers). The program minimizes your financialrisk by fixing the cost of treatment AND providing a refund of 100% of the Program fee if you do not take home a baby.

Find out if you qualify for the Fertility Access 100% Refund Program today! There is no cost to see if you qualify.

Treatment Program Fee Womans age under 35 Program Fee Womans age 3540
IVF $28,950 $30,900
IVF/ICSI $31,000 $33,000
IVF without Monitoring+ $22,600 $23,950
IVF/ICSI without Monitoring+ $25,600 $26,950

+ For patients with Monitoring Coverage through insurance carrier or monitoring at another center.

Costs not included in the Fertility Access Program Fee:

  • IVF pre-screening tests
  • Medications
  • Post cycle appointments
  • Non IVF surgeries
  • Cryopreservation of excess embryos/sperm
  • PGT Biopsy fee and Testing laboratory fee

Cost Comparison of single cycle vs. the Fertility Access 100% Refund program:

Single Cycle cost

1 IVF cycle** – $13,037 + $5,046 per FET

2 IVF cycles** – $26,074 + $5,046 per FET

3 IVF cycles** – $39,111 + $5,046 per FET

Fertility Access Program


Under 35 Years of Age $28,950

35 – 40 Years of Age $30,900

No Baby

Final Cost $0

Final Cost $0

Final Cost $0

For more information contact Fertility Access 1-800-873-9203 or visit www.fertilityaccessprogram.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

* Example based on completion of an IVF cycle, which costs $13,037. Each frozen embryo cycle (FET) is an additional $5,046.
** Some patients may not have frozen embryos to transfer after completing a stimulated cycle within the Program.