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Could You Be a Family’s Perfect Match?

As a general rule for egg donation, ethnic donors are in high demand. It’s a natural desire for people to want a child who shares their skin color and other physical features. Unfortunately, that desire is often limited by a shortage of donor eggs from women of color.

You Can Help By Becoming a Donor

At the Center for Reproductive Medicine, our supply of eggs comes from the volunteers who choose to participate in our donor egg program. That’s where you come in. By becoming an egg donor you can add some much needed color to our program and help provide women and couples of color with more options when considering their family planning options.

Did we mention it pays to be a donor? The current reimbursement for one cycle of egg donation is $6,700, and eligible donors can donate between one and six times. Egg donation is truly one of those rare instances in life where everyone involved comes out a winner.

Why Donate?

Setting aside factors such as color and ethnicity, donor eggs are needed in general to provide options for patients who cannot produce eggs that are likely to result in conception and a successful pregnancy for reasons such as premature menopause, side-effects from cancer treatments, genetic diseases and disorders, and age.

By choosing to donate, you can share the ultimate gift with a patient from the Center for Reproductive Medicine: the opportunity to build their family.

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To be an egg donor you must be between the ages of 21 and 33, have a BMI of 33 or less, live within two hours of our clinics and be a non-smoker. If that describes you, apply now to become an egg donor.

Apply Now Donor Egg FAQ’s

* If you meet the minimum requirements, a Donor Coordinator will be in touch with you shortly after submitting your application. The donation process is completely anonymous and all information will be kept in the strictest confidence.