Supporting and Educating New Patients

Thank you for choosing CRM. We are honored to partner with you and look forward to helping you achieve your fertility-related goals. Whether you are partnering with us to undergo fertility treatments or have come to us to freeze your eggs for the future, providing you with the tools, resources, and compassionate care you need is always our number one priority.

Patient Forms

You Have Questions. We Have Answers.

For answers to some of the most common questions we receive from new or prospective patients, check out this FAQ.

An Accurate Diagnosis Is Key to an Effective Treatment Plan

Whether you are just starting a family or hoping to have another child, we have significant expertise in diagnosing why you are having trouble conceiving. The first step is an initial infertility evaluation.

What happens during the first patient meeting?

Get To Know Your Fertility Team

Our proven medical professionals and support staff will play a large role in achieving your goals. They are going to get to know you very well over the coming weeks and months. Take a moment to get to know them.

Words Matter

The medical terms used in fertility treatment may sound like a foreign language to you. This helpful glossary can get you up to speed quickly.

What is CRM’s goal with each new patient?