Proud to Support our Troops

A Contracted Provider for U.S. Veterans

The Center for Reproductive Medicine & Advanced Reproductive Technologies is honored to be a contracted provider for our U.S. veterans. “As someone who has both family members and close friends that have and do serve in our military, I am proud that our physicians are supportive and appreciative of the sacrifices of our military men and women,” said Kenneth Palattao, Chief Operating Officer.

An Important Relationship

“This is an important relationship with the VA because it allows us to provide our military men and women with the first class treatment that they deserve, along with IVF success rates that exceed the national delivery rates,” said Colleen Casey, M.D., President of CRM. “This is our way of giving back to the brave men and women of the military that sacrifice so much for us,” said Mark Damario, M.D., Medical Director for CRM.

The Center for Reproductive Medicine & Advanced Reproductive Technologies is able to provide care for veterans under the Patient Centered Community Care Network (PC3). This specialized network allows veterans to seek specialty medical services & care via non-military community based physicians. This program is administered via the TriWest Healthcare Alliance & the VA. Patient referrals for this program will come via the TriWest Healthcare Alliance. All authorizations under this program will be coordinated by TriWest’s Complex Case Management team. Patients should contact TriWest to determine their eligibility. Once patients receive approval, the TriWest Complex Case Management Team will call the Center for Reproductive Medicine scheduling team, & the Case Manager will fax the appropriate authorization for the patients consult and treatment.

Veterans MUST be seen by their authorizing VA medical center (VAMC) for determination of qualification. Male or female Veterans with questions should contact the VA Women Veterans Call Center directly at 855-829-6636.