At CRM we strive to provide prospective patients with the information they need to make educated decisions about their treatment options. Sadly, many potential patients are negatively influenced by the myths that exist about IVF and other treatment methods. Read on for a thorough debunking of the most common IVF myths.

“As you get older, you can always do IVF if you have trouble getting pregnant.”

Age is an important factor in the success of IVF. It is possible to wait too long for IVF to be an available option for you. Success rates can drop precipitously for women as they approach their 40s.

“If you keep trying IVF, it will eventually work.”

At CRM our success rates are some of the best in the nation. However, IVF is not the solution for every woman or couple. Even for patients with a favorable prognosis, IVF is never guaranteed to result in pregnancy. There are some patients who fail to successfully conceive even after multiple attempts.

“IVF will lead to multiples. Remember Octomom?”

In years past the rates of multiples in IVF were prominent, but improvements in the technologies have resulted in substantial decreases in multiple pregnancy rates. The number of embryos transferred these days is significantly less than in the past. In our program, over 70 percent of pregnancies are single, with twins making up less than 10 percent. By the way, Octomom did not have IVF; she had received stimulant fertility medications.

“The hormones during IVF will make you crazy.”

The hormones used for IVF are highly purified and many mimic some of the natural hormones made by the body. It is unlikely that they will contribute to substantial mental symptoms.