Center for Reproductive Medicine

Compassionate Docs

Benefit from the expertise of fellowship-trained reproductive endocrinologists. We explain your condition, educate you about appropriate treatment options and help you choose a personalized course of care.

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Great IVF Success Rates

Experience counts when it comes to your chance for success with in vitro fertilization (IVF). Review our success rates — which are consistently higher than the national average and among the best in Minnesota — to see why more patients rely on our services. Our numbers speak for themselves.

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Financial Support

Take advantage of free monthly seminars on IVF treatment to get a better understanding of the entire IVF process. Our physician-led seminars are open to current patients and the general public.

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IVF Demystified

We offer free monthly seminars for those who are considering IVF treatment. The goal of the physician-led seminar is to better understand the entire IVF process. This seminar is open to the general public or current patients.

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Advanced Fertility Care in Minneapolis and St. Paul

When you’re having trouble conceiving, the road to success can feel long and lonely. With the support of the Center for Reproductive Medicine, it’s a journey you don’t have to take alone.

At the Center for Reproductive Medicine (CRM), we have been helping patients start or add to their families for over 30 years with the most advanced and comprehensive services and infertility treatment options available.

Providing every conceivable chance for success

Satisfied patients have made CRM one of the largest fertility clinics in Minnesota, with the complete range of available infertility solutions — from ovulation induction and artificial insemination to egg freezing, in vitro fertilization and third-party reproduction. We treat simple and complex reproductive problems based on your individual needs and goals, and we do not discriminate on any basis. Regardless of age, race, gender identity or lifestyle, we strive to provide you every conceivable chance for success.

Take the first step toward conception. Call to schedule an appointment today at one of our two convenient locations.