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Meet Our Team

Reproductive Endocrinologist / Fertility Specialist

Meg M. Hopeman, M.D.

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About Meg

“What I have found most compelling about reproductive endocrinology is that it is not just practicing medicine – it’s helping patients to overcome conditions on their journey to grow their family and community. The opportunity to play a supporting role in your life’s village is an honor I absolutely cherish”

Dr. Hopeman joined the Center for Reproductive Medicine in 2017 after finishing her fellowship at the University of Pennsylvania where she was awarded an NIH T32 grant in Reproductive Epidemiology. This grant supported clinical research into how chemotherapy alters reproductive function, specifically ovarian reserve. During her fellowship at Penn, she also completed a Masters of Science in Clinical Epidemiology.


In summertime, her free time is spent with her husband, daughter, and son on outdoor adventures such as paddling Minnesota lakes, or catching crayfish on stream hikes. During the winter months, she escapes cabin fever on the ski slopes or keeps warm practicing yoga.

Fun Fact

Dr. Hopeman grew up in Plymouth, MN and, after training out of state, is thrilled to be home to practice medicine.

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