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Meet Our Team

Reproductive Endocrinologist / Fertility Specialist

Mark A. Damario, M.D., Medical Director

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About Mark

“Different people choose a career in medicine for different reasons. I loved the science of it and wanted to help people in need. For me, it is a privilege to be working in a reproductive medicine practice that focuses on achieving the best outcomes for patients who want to have children.

“When I did my residency in ObGyn, I had little exposure to reproductive endocrinology. No one knew at that time what an effect IVF would have on the specialty. But after practicing as a general ObGyn for two years, and then taking a break to do a fellowship in reproductive surgery, I had the fortune to work with a renowned reproductive endocrinologist in Baltimore who opened my eyes to the possibilities that new assisted reproductive technologies could offer. It was so exciting to me that, instead of taking my surgical skills back to my ObGyn practice, I pursued a second fellowship.

“As a subspecialist in reproductive medicine, I see myself as an educator and counselor as well as a doctor. I start every new patient consultation by learning the purpose of the visit as well as the patient’s specific goals and medical history. This information and my diagnosis give me the framework I need in order to provide the most appropriate treatment options, and to educate patients about their condition and the potential for each of the options I recommend. I think my patients would describe me as honest, straightforward and thorough. More importantly, I want them to feel supported and well cared for throughout their treatment process.”

Before joining the Center for Reproductive Medicine in 2015, Dr. Damario was the medical director at the Reproductive Medicine Center at the University of Minnesota Medical School for more than 10 years, and a consultant and professor with the Mayo Clinic for 6 years. He has been consistently awarded the “Top Doctor” distinction by local area magazines.


Dr. Damario enjoys his free time by running, traveling, cooking and spending time with his family.

Fun Fact

Hoping to requalify for the Boston Marathon again in the future!

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