This 31-year-old Caucasian donor is 5’ 6” tall with a medium build.  She has a medium complexion. She has straight, light brown hair and brown eyes. She is of English and German ancestry. She has a child.

Donor 605 describes herself as persistent, committed, caring, outgoing, beautiful, smart and a go-getter.  She loves deer hunting, playing tennis, reading, buying presents for others, camping, boating, and fishing.

She did college classes during high school to graduate early.  She had a GPA of 3.2. She was also involved in a work program. She loved her English and writing classes.  She was involved in the debate club, yearbook, and the tennis club.  She has been taking classes toward an eventual Bachelor’s degree.  Her GPA is 3.1. She has most enjoyed her psychology and writing courses.

Currently, she is a manager at a debt collection agency. She has worked in group homes in the past.

Reason to be an egg donor: She sees egg donation as a way in which she can help others who are struggling to build a family.

Mental health professional impression: This gal is warm and friendly.

Staff impression: very kind and nice with a gentle disposition.

Counsyl Family Prep Screen

No disease causing mutations were detected. 176 conditions tested.