This 22-year-old Caucasian donor potential is 5 feet 6 inches tall with a small build.  She has a fair complexion, blue eyes, and straight auburn to red hair. She has Finnish ancestry.

Donor 653 describes herself as hard-working, motivated, funny, caring, and generous. She enjoys exercising with her dog, playing music (piano, ukulele, and drums), exploring the outdoors, hiking, painting, drawing, playing basketball, watching sports, traveling domestically, boating, and fishing.

She graduated from high school with a GPA of 3.98. She was on the basketball, softball, and cross-country teams. She managed the volleyball team and was the captain of the drum line. She was first chair for drums in the school band. She was the music director and played piano in the drama club. She was a soloist in show choir and an accompanist for the school choir. She participated in the Knowledge Bowl. She was on the board of the National Honor Society. She tutored peers in math. She was involved in Art Club and she painted murals around her community.

She has a Bachelor’s degree in sports management and a minor in product design. Her GPA is 3.4.  She has most enjoyed her courses in physical education, computer-aided design, facility management, and orchestra. She has been on the quidditch and rowing teams. She is the president of her major’s student organization.

Donor 653 has three jobs working with sports organizations.  She is very altruistic. She sees egg donation as a way to remember those who have not been able to have children.

Mental health professional impression: This gal is open and friendly.

Staff impression: Very nice gal, motivated, bright, thoughtful and easy to work with.

Myriad Foresight Carrier Screen

Carrier for USH2A- related disorders

This gene profile is only relevant if your partner carries the same gene.  This donor is being offered to you since your partner has also been screened and does not carry this gene.