This 32-year-old donor potential is 5 feet 1½ inches tall with a medium build. She has a medium complexion. She has brown eyes and straight black hair. She has Japanese ancestry. She describes herself as quiet, hard-working, intelligent, kind, and thoughtful.  Donor 661 enjoys being at home with her pets, cooking, baking, reading fiction and non-fiction, watching TV, doing puzzles, gardening, and studying new subjects.

She graduated from high school with a GPA of 3.2. She participated in the cooking club. She has a Bachelor’s degree in animal science. Her GPA was 3.8. She most enjoyed her courses in genetics, physics, and mathematics. She participated in the International Student Club. She has a Master’s degree in animal genetics.  She is working toward a Bachelor’s degree in accounting. Her GPA is 4.0. She still intends to go to veterinary school.

Donor 661 does payroll for a small company. She has learned about the struggles of infertility from a close friend. She wants to help others have a family through egg donation.

Mental health professional impression: This gal is warm and cooperative.

Staff impression: very sweet, calm, intelligent, and thoughtful.

Myriad Foresight Carrier Screen

  • Negative for 176 conditions