This 21-year-old Latina donor is 5 feet 2 inches tall with a medium build. She has a medium complexion. She has dark brown wavy to curly hair and brown eyes. She describes herself as outgoing, hardworking, compassionate, thoughtful, and kind. She likes to learn. She enjoys problem-solving, swimming, reading mysteries, hiking, doing puzzles, golfing, drawing, fishing, and listening to music. She has Mexican and Salvadoran ancestry. She has a child.

This donor has graduated from high school.  While in high school she participated in the choir, yearbook club, and dance team. She also volunteered with the drama department plays. She has taken college classes while working full-time. She has most enjoyed her courses in math and problem solving. She intends to return to college to become a labor and delivery nurse.

Donor 670 works as a personal shopper for a large chain store. She feels that being able to have a child is the most important and beautiful thing in the world. She would feel honored to be able to give others such a wonderful gift. Her message for intended parents is, “I hope that everything is well and everyone is happy.”

Mental health professional impression: This donor was prompt, warm, and curious about the egg donation process. She asked excellent questions.

Staff impression: prompt, caring and considerate.

Myriad Foresight Carrier Screen 

No disease causing mutations were detected. Tested for 176 conditions.