In the midst of the sweltering summer we’re living through in the Twin Cities, thoughts of the icy surfaces and bitter cold temperatures of winter are nowhere near top of mind. However, for those who have dreams of starting a family when the time is right, summer can be a perfect time to think of another type of freezing.

The slower, relaxing pace of summer often allows people to reflect on their lives and consider their futures. If your future includes starting a family but you choose to focus on your career at the moment or have yet to find the man or woman of your dreams, egg freezing can be a great way to preserve your options and make starting a family possible years from now.


As our very own Meg M. Hopeman, M.D. told WCCO’s The Paul & Jordana Show earlier this year, many women are delaying child birth into their 30s and 40s. Unfortunately, this is at odds with the fact that eggs become less viable with age. Egg freezing allows a young woman to freeze eggs during her 30s for use years later when the time is right to start or expand her family.

Egg Freezing as Insurance against Medical Complications

If you’ve been rocked by a troubling medical diagnosis this summer, freezing your eggs could allow you to insure yourself against potential damage to your eggs. Successful cancer therapies such as chemotherapy and radiation treatment can deplete the number of eggs left in the ovaries, while radiation in the pelvic region can cause lasting damage to the uterus. Some women even experience early menopause after undergoing cancer treatment.

Is Egg Freezing Safe?

There is no downside to having your eggs frozen. While the procedure has become more technologically advanced as years have passed, the procedure has a long history of success. Undergoing egg freezing prior to such treatments can preserve your ability to conceive naturally and is not linked to any illnesses or medical complications. Women who do not use their frozen eggs have the option of destroying them or donating them for use in egg donor treatments.

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