With Father’s Day in the rearview mirror, chances are you can relate to at least one of the following:

  • Your social media feeds were inundated with people posting tributes to their fathers, husbands, and even grandfathers
  • You picked up the phone and checked in with dear old Dad
  • You enjoyed some quality time with your Dad, perhaps at a barbecue
  • You reminisced about your father as he’s no longer with you

A Difficult Day For Many

Father’s Day, like Mother’s Day a month before, is a day of mixed emotions for many. For some, it’s because they no longer have their father or have a strained relationship with their father. For others, it’s because they wish to be a father but have thus far been robbed of the experience by infertility.

Our society has made great strides in shining a light on infertility, particularly the fact that people dealing with it are far from alone. It’s common these days to see celebrities come forward to share tales of going through fertility treatments such as IVF to conceive a child and discuss how difficult their fertility journey was at times.

Unfortunately, similar tales from the male perspective are far less common. Many men are still uncomfortable discussing fertility issues and fall into the old mindset of infertility making them less of a man, much like women often feel like failures after unsuccessful attempts to conceive.

Attention Men: You Are Not Alone Either

“It takes two to tango” applies to many things in life and conceiving a child is no exception. It’s important for men to not only realize that their own infertility may be the cause and, if that is the case, they are far from alone. Most importantly, there are treatments available for male infertility.

Be There For Each Other And We’ll Be There For You

If you are facing infertility issues it is important to have honest communication with your partner and be supported throughout your shared fertility journey. Then schedule an appointment when you’re ready to explore your fertility treatment options.