Donor egg treatment is a lesser known fertility treatment that is often the best option for women who are unable to produce eggs that are likely to result in a successful pregnancy. In fact, it is one of the most successful advanced reproductive therapy (ART) procedures available as long as the eggs used are from a young woman.

One of our past egg donor patients has graciously agreed to share her story for our readers and prospective patients in the following Q&A session. We hope you will find her experience as informative and inspirational as we do.

(The following Q&A has been edited for clarity).

How long had you struggled with fertility prior to learning about or considering using an egg donor?
2-3 years.

What obstacles, if any, did you have to overcome in order to feel comfortable with the idea of using an egg donor?

You have to see a therapist specialized in pregnancy, high risk therapies, and dealing with miscarriage. That was helpful. So was having a meeting involving my husband – meeting the therapist to make sure everyone is on the same page. We covered issues such as what to tell the children and when. The therapist recommended being honest with the children as soon as possible in an age-appropriate manner.

I struggled with thoughts such as “will my kids still see my as their Mom?” I had to get to the heart of why having a child was so important to me in order to get over the idea that I was going to handcraft a child. Once treatment and conception occurred I was over the feeling of loss that came from not having my own biological children

How did you learn about the Center for Reproductive Medicine?

I knew one of the physicians through a family friend.

What advice would you give someone who is currently in the shoes you were in prior to your treatment?

If you are not seeing a therapist – find one who specializes in pregnancy and miscarriage. Make an effort to be on the same page as your partner. Be honest about your fears and worries; address them or they will not go away. There is nothing shameful about those fears, and letting the people in your life know what is going on allows you to create a supportive community around you.

Be an advocate for yourself. Don’t be afraid to ask questions until you understand.

Looking back at your experience, why would you recommend the Center for Reproductive Medicine for fertility treatment?

They are brilliant “mad scientists”. They will get you pregnant. Their job is focused, I felt confident that they were doing everything they could to help me get pregnant.

Are there any misconceptions you had about fertility treatments prior to your experience? Did anything about your experience surprise you?

I didn’t know how low the success rates were for IVF. My first miscarriage was so sad.

The medications are so expensive and there are so many variables that you just don’t know until you receive the treatments. Until you take those shots in your belly you just can’t imagine.

For my husband, the most difficult part was the miscarriage after IVF. It was devastating. 

Are You A Candidate For Donor Egg Treatment?

The most common reasons for pursuing donor egg treatment are:

  • Age: IVF treatments are limited to women 45 years of age or younger. This is due to the impact that age has proven to have on the success rates of IVF treatments. The age of the egg donor is the crucial age-related factor in donor egg treatment.
  • Unsuccessful IVF: Women who have suffered miscarriages or were unable to conceive via IVF remain candidates for egg donor treatment.

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