Socks that have "I am Amazing" printed on them.If you were to ask 10 children or teens to tell you what the worst gift they ever received was, chances are at least a few of them would reply with “socks”. Can you blame them? Kids filled with visions of exciting toys, electronic devices or even cash are somewhat deflated by opening up the gift of socks. Nevertheless, with a forced smile, they say “thank you for the wonderful socks, Grandma. Did you knit them yourself?”

As you’ve gotten older you have probably learned to appreciate things like a warm pair of socks on a cold winter day more than you did as a child. The simple things in life have a way of growing on you. However, there’s one type of sock that’s even better for our patients at CRM.

Let us explain.

In recent years we have been sending baby socks to all of the new parents who have successfully started or expanded their families with the help of our reproductive medicine and technology services. It’s a simple yet powerful gesture. Individuals or couples who once worried about whether they could ever conceive and carry a child to term are now able to accept gifts for their little bundle of joy.

Through May of this year we have already sent out 157 pairs of baby socks to our patients! We are proud to share that past years’ totals were:

  • 2015: 515
  • 2016: 573
  • 2017: 664
  • 2018: 551

Since we opened our doors in 1987 we have strived to be the absolute best at what we do. We offer a full-range of advanced reproductive medicine treatments and customize plans around the unique needs of our patients. We believe our proven treatment methods combined with our willingness to find innovative solutions truly sets us apart. The amount of socks we put into the US mail system is a tangible demonstration of our success.

Those little socks put a smile on our face because of what they represent for our clients, the successful conclusion of their fertility journey. It means that all of the difficulties they have gone through over the months and years have been worth it and they are moving on to the next phase of their lives.

If you have a birthday or other special occasion coming up, we hope this story will make you a bit more appreciative of a pair of socks given to you as a gift. If you are struggling with infertility and looking for answers, we hope it inspires you to find out more about your treatment options here at CRM. We are proud of the positive results we have provided our patients for more than three decades and look forward to sending out many more socks.

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