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Donor Egg Treatment: One Patient's Story

Donor egg treatment is a lesser known fertility treatment that is often the best option for women who are unable to produce eggs that are likely to result in a successful pregnancy. In fact, it is one of the most successful advanced reproductive therapy (ART) procedures available as long as the eggs used are… Continue Reading

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40th Anniversary of First IVF Baby: What Does The Future Hold For IVF?

40 Years of IVF: Looking Back and Looking Forward We have come a long way in the past four decades. There is a good chance you are reading this on a mobile device and do not remember the last time you searched your pocket for change to deposit in a pay phone. One thing that individuals, couples and famili… Continue Reading

Therapeutic Donor Insemination: What You Need to Know

Therapeutic donor insemination (TDI) is a form of artificial insemination that uses donor sperm from an anonymous or known donor. The procedure involves placing previously frozen (thawed) sperm in the uterus at the time of ovulation. Who can benefit from therapeutic donor insemination? TDI can be an effecti… Continue Reading

How to Support Your Spouse When Going Through Infertility

If you’re facing Infertility, you may know all too well how stressful it can be. With all the tests, fertility charting, timed intercourse, and medical procedures, you and your spouse could stop connecting before you even realize it. But, there are things you can do help your marriage and support each other… Continue Reading

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IVF Cost: What to Consider Before Choosing Your Clinic

For millions of couples who struggle to start a family, infertility is an intensely private issue. It can be difficult to talk about, even with the closest of friends and family members. If you and your partner find yourself on this emotional and physical journey, you know all too well how uncomfortable askin… Continue Reading

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Choosing a Fertility Clinic in Minnesota: What to Look For

After you and your partner have been trying to conceive for at least twelve consecutive months, most doctors recommend fertility treatments. There are many different treatments to help with your journey to becoming a parent. With nearly 500 fertility clinics in the United States, we understand you have a lot… Continue Reading

Evaluating Men’s Fertility

It’s common for couples to have more than one cause of infertility. Testing women’s fertility is much more involved and complicated than testing men’s fertility, which is a reason why many reproductive specialists recommend a semen analysis for males before beginning tests on the female. Semen analysis… Continue Reading

NWHW: National Women's Health Week

National Women’s Health Week: Healthy Steps You Can Take to Help You Conceive

When most women learn they are having a baby, they shift their diet toward healthier foods and whole grains. They also reduce (or eliminate) their exposure to toxins and chemicals. But did you know it is equally important to practice healthy eating, remain physically active and steer clear of substances that… Continue Reading

NIAW: National Infertility Awareness Week April 22-28, 2018

National Infertility Awareness Week

No one ever told you how hard it might be to get pregnant. Throughout your young adult life, you likely took precautions to ensure you didn’t get pregnant before you were ready. And now? You’ve been trying to conceive for months that have stretched an entire calendar year. Infertility is more common th… Continue Reading

Endo Metriosis Worldwide March

National Endometriosis Awareness Month

March is National Endometriosis Awareness Month. Endometriosis is a disorder in which tissue that normally lines the uterus grows outside of the uterus. Misplaced tissue can also be found on the ovaries, fallopian tubes or intestines. This disorder affects approximately five million U.S. women (6 to 7 percent… Continue Reading

Common Misconceptions About Infertility

You remember the moment you decided to start a family, whether it was a conversation with your loved one or that poignant moment when you stopped using birth control. Like so many women, you assumed once you stopped all forms of birth control, you would easily get pregnant. Then, after 12 consecutive month… Continue Reading

How Folic Acid Can Help You

When the thought of having a baby is on the horizon, folic acid is vital to a healthy pregnancy. Think of folic acid as the “superpower” of B-vitamins. Not only is it necessary for cell growth, it’s known to help prevent certain birth defects. According to the National Birth Defects Prevention Network,… Continue Reading

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